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Production Follow Up

The quality understanding of Zift Unique starts from the raw materials’ procurement. The propriety of all of the raw materials chosen for metal production are determined with tests carried out in laboratories. So quality process does not only contain the production phase but is a long process containing the sales and after sales customer relations and customer satisfaction.

Regular controls during the production phase will be helpful to avoid any mistake. In the factories, with the beginning of the production phase, our controls begin, as well. We control the products on the machines and procure to make the necessary involvements. Other phases and packaging follow. All of the materials of the suppliers from the label to packaging are controlled and approved. We involve many controls which you cannot recognize but may affect the quality of the product.

The quality assessment will be based on predetermined requirements or standards previously set by the company. In the context of performing quality control before shipping, any product or unit of product that does not meet the minimum standards will have to be reworked, disposed, or dealt with accordingly by the company, instead of being shipped to the end user.

-Inspection prior to production.

-Inspection in-process.

-Inspection after production.

-Inspection prior to shipping.

Based on our control, our customers receive their orders faultless and in time.

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