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  • 2 pieces of varnished solid wood kitchen-Bathroom counter connection ​

  • ​ There are two foot colors you can choose, matt black & white. ​

  • ​ The risk of blackening & peeling is not possible with electrostatic oven paint.

  • ​ ​ Height (17cm) - Depth (18 & 19cm) - Width (28cm) Thanks to its easy installation and smart design, you can add a brand new modern feel to your home by installing it in a few minutes.

  • ​ ​ Thanks to the varnish and polishing processes in the wood of our product, you can ensure long-lasting use. ​

  • ​ Completely original, natural solid that does not harm human health, is resistant to water, humidity and load.

  • What is solid wood?

  • Solid wood, uncoated and unfilled, that comes out by sawing from the raw log after the tree is cut, is called solid wood.

  • ​ ​ Solid wood is not completely like artificial wood types made by compression with external materials, it consists of natural wood fibers.

  • ​ ​ Solid wood does not contain any fillers or adhesives.

  • ​ ​ It adds naturalness and warmth where solid wood kitchen utensils are located. Humans have extreme effects with the smell it emits.

  • ​ ​ Other products made of synthetic coating, on the other hand, do not have water, moisture and load resistance as they are produced by being compressed to the chip and residue limit. ​

  • ​ What are the usage areas?

  • ​ ​ This product, which we have produced to eliminate the confusion in your bathroom & kitchen counters, will also add a modern air.

  • ​ ​ It is very comfortable to use in your cabinet shelf arrangements.

  • ​ ​ You can use the kitchen as a multi-purpose connection organizer in many areas in your sitting room, table, bathroom, and study room, living room, cabinet shelves.

  • Accessories used in product images cannot be included in the package.

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